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Once you arrive on Orcas Island you will make your way across the island to our off-site parking area. Once you pull in you will be instructed to park and check in. Our ticket office will be at the parking area so you will check in and receive your wrist bands. Once that is done, load all your gear on to a truck and ride the shuttle to Doe Bay for the event. There will be a shuttle driving people back and forth about every 10-15 minutes.

Doors will open at 3pm on Thursday afternoon for early arrival on September 12th – please do not arrive before then, as we will have to turn you away.

All music and programming will end at 4pm on Sunday the 15th. Campers are welcome to stay until 11am Monday. Please remember that Doe Bay is a private business and they are open for business on Monday. Event security will begin doing rounds at 9:30am Monday morning to make sure everyone is out by 11am sharp including vendors and performers. 

We are once again constructing a beautiful Main Stage which will feature our music performers from 11am to 9:50pm on Friday and Saturday, and then from 10am to 4pm on Sunday.

After 10pm Friday and Saturday nights, in respect of the San Juan County’s sound ordinance, the Main Stage will switch to Silent Disco dance music via headphones on the Mainstage (details below!). We’ll  also offer several other quieter zones, including an indoor electronic dance music zone, an acoustic music tent, tea gardens, art galleries, and much more, as you will soon discover!


  1. Make a ferry reservation (if you plan to drive onto the ferry)
  2. Drive to Anacortes Ferry Terminal
  3. Drive onto your reserved ferry that goes to Orcas Island
  4. Drive from the Orcas Island ferry landing to Doe Bay Resort and Retreat

Don’t be too concerned if you cannot make a reservation right away. The reservation system releases reservations in waves and you can always just go to the ferry and you will get on a boat. Many reservations go unclaimed so if you show up early for a boat you will most likely get on it, and the worst that will happen is you will have to be on the next boat. Please do yourself, your wallet, Doe Bay, and the planet a favor by carpooling! We have created a Facebook Imagine Carpool Group for coordination. The fewer cars the better. If you have a space available in your car, tell the FB group about it, make a new friend, and save some money collectively!

In addition, this year offer a new way to get to Imagine with the chartered foot ferry. It is a quick and simple way to get to Imagine, worry free of large ferry waits.

The ferry reservation system has made some people nervous that there are not enough ferry spaces available. Have no fear: you will get on a boat even if you can’t make a reservation right away. Every sailing has about 30 cars that don’t show up for their reservations so if you show up two hours prior to departure for any boat, you will probably get on it. If you miss that one you will definitely be on the next one. Everyone gets on the island eventually, so have no fear. Just come early. Enjoy the beach and the trails at the Anacortes ferry landing. We have been doing this for years and everyone gets on.

Ferry fares are only collected for travel TO the islands – the return trip to back Anacortes is free (although a reservation is still needed for any vehicle returning to Anacortes).

Ferry Reservations

It is advised that you RESERVE passage on the Washington State Ferries’ website from Anacortes Ferry Terminal to Orcas Island AND back again. Only one reservation per car is needed. Passengers (and walk-ons) do not make reservations. The reservation system is intended to abate the typical long lines and multi-hour waits for the ferry. MAKE A FERRY RESERVATION AS SOON AS YOU CAN AFTER PURCHASING YOUR TICKET! You will not have to pay for the ticket when you make the reservation – it’s just a place-holder – although you will be charged $10 if you do not show up for your reserved spot.

Please visit the WSF website for more information and to make a vehicle reservation! For those biking or walking on, no reservation is necessary.

Vehicle reservations are released in 3 tiers by the WSF:

1) 2 months to sailing
2) 2 weeks prior to sailing
3) 2 days prior to sailing

If a reservation is not available for your desired travel time, try again either 2 weeks or 2 days prior to your sailing date. And don’t forget to make a reservation for your return trip to Anacortes!


This year’s new addition to make getting to Imagine easy, fun and reduce the number of cars on-site, we have partnered with Island Express Charters to offer a foot ferry direct from the Anacortes Marina right to the beach at Doe Bay resort!

see schedules and book reservations

Our Rideshare Facebook Group

This group is a forum for people to connect about rides, ferries and carpooling. Feel free to post and connect. Travel safe and see you on Orcas Island!

Imagine Rideshare Facebook

What To Bring

  • Warm clothes & blankets to bundle in – it WILL be chilly at night!
  • If you plan on camping, please bring your own camping gear and personal items
  • Cash for vendors and parking
  • Your radio receiver or radio enabled headphones for Silent Disco under the stars!
  • Flashlights and glow-bling!
  • Sacred water for the water ceremony
  • A towel for showers and spa
  • A reusable water bottle, preferably not glass
  • Kindness
  • Joy
  • A willingness to be present, listen, and play
  • Your dreams of the future

What NOT To Bring

  • Illegal substances
  • Weapons
  • Bad attitudes

No Pets

We have a no pets policy – please do not bring your pets. There is a kennel on Orcas Island if needed. If you do bring your pet you will be asked to bring your dog to our local kennel or leave the event. We are not kidding about this one.


Clothing should be worn at all times. Nudity is only permissible in the Doe Bay Spa and Soaking Tubs which is a clothing optional facility.

Orcas Island Taxi Services

Orcas Island Taxi Service – (360) 376-8294

New Orcas Taxi Tours – (360) 298-1639

New Orcas Taxi Cab – (360) 376-6668