Voice of Truth

Voice of Truth

Katie Gray

Voice of Truth is an offering geared toward helping people identify shame and fear in order to build true confidence, forgiveness and personal freedom. Through inspirational speaking and a guided presentation, Katie Gray creates a safe and welcoming space to help people understand the pain that is potentially holding them back from loving and living life to the fullest.

Voice of Truth is a workshop experience that is designed for participants to experience deep healing and peace together in a shared environment. I have merged group exercises, personal sharing and a sound bath meditation to awaken a sense of truth and awareness through the power of vulnerability, presence and compassion.

As women, we hold the power of the World in our wombs and the ability to birth life through our bodies. Yet, we are trained to feel weak, small & shameful.

We silently withhold our truths and experiences from one another for fear of being judged. We compete with one another rather than support one another. We put on a strong exterior so as to stay safe.

Safe from what??

What if there was enough honesty and trust to speak our truth and truly connect with one another?

What if we made the commitment to choose love instead of fear?

I believe in this birthing and freedom of the true and wild woman.