Made In Alchemy

The Collective

Made in Alchemy is a multidisciplinary performance art company.

Our art is created through dynamic collaboration, inspired by an awareness of culture and nature. We specialize in hip-hop based theatrical dance, aerials , and fire. 

Our Vision

Made in Alchemy pushes art beyond the edge of entertainment. Through dance-based performance art pieces we we strive to forge connections between people and transcend the limits of current paradigms of thought and movement.

Our unique style is built from a weaving of dynamic group choreography; live vocals; ritual performance; aerial, fire & hoop dance; and original soundscapes. We value taking responsibility to source each aspect of our creations as personally and locally as possible; including narrative, choreography, music production, and costuming.

 We have also background of healthcare and bodywork which we utilize in our craft. Doing so generates sustainability for the collective as well as the broader communities we are a part of. As a company we are focused on providing high quality art, as well as tools and inspiration for a fully vibrant life.