Kirra Lien

Kirra is a dancer of 20 years. Originally trained in ballet, she has also spent the last 8 years as an aerialist performing frequently throughout the Pacific Northwest. She approaches the medium of live performance as a platform for truth-telling, delivering embodied stories that offer her audience something to connect to; something beyond the immediate visual beauty of movement. She is an unfolder of the inner world, and a sharer of human depth.

In addition to aerial dance and performance work, Kirra is releasing a line of handmade jewellery adornments this year with the birth of her new company: Unfettered. The inspiration behind these adornments directly relates to her performance philosophy – an adjacently woven thread telling the same story she tells in her dance. This is the journey of the worldwide surgery we humans are currently undergoing together – a reflection of how we heal and ultimately find balance between feminine & masculine energies.

This year at Imagine, you can catch Kirra birthing some wild feminine beauty at the YoniVerse!