Alecia Joy

Alecia Joy is a west-coast based performance artist who specializes in an enigmatic combination of contortion, dance, fire, tightlacing, silk fans & aerial arts. She has studied & performed an eclectic array of dance styles ranging from hiphop to classical Indian dance (Orissi), Afro-Brazilian & Tribal Fusion. As an aerial contortionist & flexibility training specialist she naturally explores movements that honor the full capacity of the human bodies range of motion. She has been a surreal creative force as a resident performer for venues in Southern California & Nevada, as well as a music video dancer/choreographer.
The vibrant movement magic of this bendy muse has lit up the stages at Lightening in a Bottle, Enchanted Forest Gathering, Cascadia, The Pirate Party, Oregon Eclipse Festival & more, for many phenomenal artists—  Including Desert Dwellers, CloZee, The Human Experience, Sixis, Dirtwire, Eprom, Bluetech, Mindex, David Starfire, Charlesthefirst, Buku, Dimond Saints, Barclay Crenshaw, Ott, Marvel Years, Proko, & Birds of Paradise.