Noo Moon

New Moon

Noo Moon

Once, long ago, on the planet Zaiäka [Zai-ah-kah] in the oOoo galaxy, there was a being named Sh’iki (meaning “New Moon”).

Sh’iki had many light forms, plant friends and kerbinads to keep her company but she longed for the expansive understanding of what existed beyond her life in oOoo.

So, she metamorphosed into star dust and traveled in search of knowledge and understanding. She traveled alongside comets and astral currents to find a planet and life form that she could learn from. Eventually, after millions of years traveling, she discovered a glorious planet of beings that had an immense and profound ability to love. More love and care inside of them than anything she had ever witnessed. Along with this incredible ability to love, was a deep, deep sadness and pain. She watched from afar as these precious beings destroyed their planet, their relationships, their bodies and one another. She was completely taken by the bizarre pain that seemed to coat their hearts. As though, they couldn’t feel the love through all of the pain. Intrigued, she flew down through the atmosphere and landed on the planet.
Planet Earth.

Beyond wanting to learn, she wanted to do something to help these precious beings be reminded of the Love inside of them.

In order to keep her identity protected, she divided her spirit into 2 bodies (Pepper Proud & Katie Gray) and the only formal form of communication: a highly refined frequency of sound waves. Only when the two bodies align in the vibration of sound, can her message be heard.

To this day, she travels the world, channeling her spirit through animals, children and plants to do anything she can to reach the confused beings; these precious humans [hue-mins].

When in contact with this unique vibration of sound, the humans automatically align and join into the frequency of consciousness emanating from Sh’iki. Some describe it as stillness. Others feel uncontrollable joy and laughter.

What will you feel?
You’ll have to find out for yourself.