Imagine Festival 2019 Liability Statement

Imagine Music & Arts Festival Liability Statement

By purchasing a ticket you agree to release and indemnify Imagine Music & Arts Festival, its officers, licensees, owners, agents, landowners, affiliated companies, and employees (hereinafter `Imagine‘) from any and all claims for property damage, injury, or death which I/we may suffer or for which I/we may be liable to others, in any way connected with my attendance. This release and indemnity agreement shall apply to any claim even if caused by negligence. The only claims not released are those based upon intentional misconduct by

I/we understand that the Festival takes place in some areas that are undeveloped. Areas of the property are only accessible by primitive trails and one may encounter steep drop-offs, wild animals, holes, tripping hazards, sharp obstructions, poisonous flora and fauna and other dangers. I/we value the fact that the Festival is staged in a natural environment. This agreement applies to natural risks as well as risks posed by other persons at the Festival. I/we understand that when the sun is directly on the stage’s dance floor, the floor gets very hot. I/we understand that the event site has no developed parking lot and, if a vehicle is brought to the Festival, Imagine will not be responsible for any damages that might be done by other attendees. I/we agree to safeguard any valuables that I/we may bring to the Festival by locking them in a vehicle or other secure location and release Imagine from any liability for loss or theft of personal property. I/we agree to take care of myself and those around me and to be responsible for any harm that I may cause another. I/we commit to staying hydrated, making healthy choices and looking out for others.

I/we agree that by entering the Festival, I/we consent to my/our name and likeness being used, without compensation, in photos, films and videos for use in any and all kinds of media, for eternity and worldwide.

I/we have carefully read and understand this agreement and recognize that this document is an agreement of release and indemnity which will prevent I/we or my/our estate from recovering damages from Imagine in the event of death or injury to person or property. I/we understand that one can email “” to discuss or negotiate any of the terms of this agreement and ways to gain entry without accepting this agreement, get information about insurance that might be available to me to protect against the risks I/we may encounter at the Festival and learn about other events in the area that might not require an agreement like this. If I/we decide to accept this this agreement, I/we do so freely and voluntarily and agree that it is binding on my/our heirs and legal representatives. By purchasing a ticket I/we agree that this release and indemnity agreement will remain in full force and effect and I will be bound by its terms throughout this Festival and all subsequent Imagine events.