Imagine music & Arts Festival Orcas island 33

A dream we dream together…

The Imagine Music & Arts Festival would like to present our 4th rendition of our artistic endeavor. It is an honor for us to return once again to the beautiful Doe Bay Resort on Orcas Island. Located on a remote point on one of the most beautiful islands in the world, Doe Bay offers two beaches and is surrounded by dense forest. It is a place of a different time and pace. A place where the people are kind and caring and nature is outside your doorstep. A place where dreams can become reality. Please join us once again for Imagine…

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Performance Art

The path of the performance artist is not an easy one. Hours of practice go in to each performance. The choreography, the costumes, the script, the creative message…all for the viewing pleasure and wonder of the audience. We honor the path of the performance artist and strive to showcase some incredible performance art at Imagine. Our performances woven through the weekend will be filled with laughter, wit and insight.

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Imagine festival orcas island

Imagine the future…

This is a very precious time on Earth. In the midst of converging planetary crises, humanity is entering a transformative renaissance. Like a caterpillar entering it’s cocoon, the old is giving way to the new, as “Imaginal Cells” gather together, artfully creating the DNA necessary for a butterfly to emerge. Come join hundreds of cultural artists this September to explore the fertile edges of our awareness & intellect. Lean into topics of consciousness, activism, community, movement, psychology, ecology, health, art, and more. Dare to rewrite stories that don’t serve as we birth an “Imaginal” future that can only be told together.


An eye for art

The eye of the artist is to see the inner vision and bring it for in to the world. The hand of the artist is the tool that molds the vision to reality. We carefully curate the art at Imagine to reflect some of the best artists on the west coast. From sculpture to painting and art installations we hope to create a showcase that will stun you with beauty and feature a rare collection of beautiful inner visions. Stop by our gallery to browse originals and prints that you can take home with you.

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