Project Description

Your Story of Self, Culture & Cosmos

Mari Shibuya & Ben Browner

The intersections of our identity shape how we experience the world and how the world experiences us. Through a rich series of somatic and storytelling activities we’ll explore defining moments in our life, while seeing and celebrating the stories of those around us. Come weave your threads of Self, Culture, and Cosmos into a collective tapestry with new and old friends alike! Expose yourself to metaphors and meta-narrative frameworks that hold the embodiment of diversity as radically healthy, even sacred. Uncover your ability to creatively leverage your power & privilege in service to marginalized communities, creating a sense of connection and belonging in the place that you call home. Come away with a sense of excitement, inspiration, even delight at the rich potential available to us when we understand our inherent responsibility to the greater web of human and more-than-human life. Deeply looking forward to creating a fun and meaningful experience with you as we imagine into the story of of who we are becoming together!

Mari Shibuya Is an artist, muralist, facilitator and youth worker based out of Seattle, WA. Mari works to empower young people thru public art and self expression at organizations such as Young Women Empowered and Urban Artworks while continuing to expand and tend to a personal practice of murals and studio work.

Ben Browner co-produces the Imagine Convergence on Orcas Island, and is a long time “upstream” activist. He’s a board member at spending most of his days supporting community projects to evolve their cultural impact through artful narrative-based practices. He currently lives in Bellingham WA, on a community farm.

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