Project Description

VJ Kaizen

Visual artist Everett Keithcart, aka “Kaizen”, grew up watching sunsets over the ocean on San Juan Island, Washington state. He is inspired by the majesty of our natural world and the universe. His life’s work is to honor and remind us of the greater ocean of beauty that flows around us and through us. Kaizen leads his viewers through a nuanced, multidimensional dreamscape of gentle sunset ripples set aflame by the fading sun, flowers blooming within nebulas, jellyfish swimming through spinning star fields, and ancient trees reaching for the heavens.

After spending five years focusing on digital photography, Everett launched his live video projectionist career in 2011 the resident VJ (Visual Jockey) at the Seattle monthly ecstatic dance event “DreamDance”, where he continues to perform monthly with a variety of acoustic and electronic music soloists and ensembles. His artist name “Kaizen” means “continuous improvement”, and he has indeed improved continuously through constant public performances with members of Yaima for four consecutive years as their live video projectionist and lighting designer.

Living mixing up to 10 layers of high-definition 1080p video improvisationally allows Everett to keep up with the band as they improvise , mixing breathtaking images from nature into flowing organic textures evocative of the mood for each song. For the last three performances of the WaterSines ensemble production concerts at St. Mark’s Cathedral in Seattle, Everett has produced and live-mixed video projected on the 60-foot glass wall of the cathedral for sold-out crowds of 600+ awed and inspired appreciators of nature’s beauty.

Pushing his own boundaries and constantly learning new techniques, Everett continues to perform with Yaima while adding multi-screen output, projection-mapping, and enhanced lighting design to his repertoire.

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