Project Description

Vibrational Heart Medicine Ritual: Cacao, Dance, and Breath Ceremony

 Peter Domecq, Ayara Sollua, Rhea Light, and others

In this experience we will be invited to drop in together into a collective vibrational field of heart opening, body aligning and spirit activating connection.

The ritual will begin with the sharing of sacred cacao medicine, establishing our intentions and opening our hearts in the individual and collective container.
We will then move into a guided 5rhythms movement experience, exploring different states of emotional embodiment in our body expression, connecting with breath, and inviting clear presence. With the accompaniment of recorded and live music.
From here, fully grounded in our bodies and tapped into our hearts, we will drop into a connected breath pattern, invite our spirit guides, and activate our source connection. In this phase of the dance, the physical body stills, and the movement emerges in the sutler bodies of mind and spirit. We open ourselves to source, journey into the ethers and receive wisdom and guidance from other planes and the collective. Here we will be accompanied by spirits, guides, ancestors, and vibrational fields of energy and sound, inviting us to come into perfect alignment with our highest selves and our divine purpose.

This journey will be co-facilitated by Peter (Pan) Domecq, Ayara Sollua, Rhea Light, and other angels… the experience will be 2.5-3 hours…

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