Project Description

Sigil Craft

Isis Indriya

“Sigils are… a means of symbolizing desire and giving it a form that prevents thought on that particular desire… and allows it free passage to the sub-consciousness.”– A.O.Spare
Every moment we are creating and always setting something in motion by the very act of being a spirit in a body. Sometimes we are conscious and intentional of what we are creating yet sometimes we are manifesting without full awareness. This is the subconscious mind at work.

How do we gain access and communicate with our subconscious? How do we arise our hidden desires into the conscious mind to manifest the beauty we want to see in the world?

One way is through Sigil Craft.
Sigil Craft is an art form and practice born from Western Esoteric Mystery traditions of developing intentional symbols and maps that create a doorway to the conscious and sub-conscious mind. Sigils are images, composed of letters & numbers, that represent what one is calling forth in their life. These are made through the distillation of a magical written intention into a symbol. They hover between the logical, mundane realms of the mind and the symbolic, magical realm of the subconscious. These are tools and shapes that influence one’s ability to help make manifest what one wants to create.

In this class we will set goals in the form of written intentions that will be distilled into letters and finally into a symbol. We will then imprint and charge this symbol into our subconscious through very simple ritualistic practices such as self created mantras, drawing on talismans, and induced states of gnosis.
May this practice be clarifying for what one intends in life and thus be a tool to help make manifest the Beauty Path.

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