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Psychedelic Integration with Embodied Expressive Arts and Movement

Psychedelic Integration with Embodied Expressive Arts and Movement
This 90-minute workshop will allow attendees to integrate a psychedelic experience using movement, art, writing and sharing within a small, intimate group. The experience is facilitated by two trauma-sensitive therapists with training in Art Therapy, Expressive Arts, Sensorimotor (somatic-based) therapy, and psychedelic harm reduction. This is not a therapy group, but if trauma or difficult experiences arise during the process, participants will be supported and offered resources. The aim of this workshop is for participants to have tools to integrate a psychedelic experience that can be walked forward in practical and meaningful ways in their lives.

Experiences with non-ordinary states of consciousness can be doorways into our subconscious, offering opportunities for healing, growth and transformation. We will offer a discussion on integrating psychedelic experiences, including addressing trauma or difficult material that can arise as an important aspect of integration. All levels of being are important for the process of integration: mind, body, spirit, relationship, community, and the world.

Visionary art has long been a practice for integrating psychedelic experiences and non-ordinary states of consciousness; a way to communicate what may be beyond words. The art portion of this workshop will incorporate some basic techniques for accessing and expressing visionary material. The art piece will be created using basic drawing materials. Participants are encouraged to bring a sketchbook and their own pens/pencils/ pastels/charcoal if possible, although there will be materials available for use. The art experience is focused on the process of creating and learning how to access the imagination, rather than creating a finished piece of art. There will be no judgment or critique of artwork. No art experience is necessary to participate, only an open mind and a willingness to explore!


Bodies are vehicles for awareness and soulful expression. Throughout time movement, dance and expressive arts have been a form for individuals and community to heal, inspire and connect to selves, communities and spirit. There is an interconnection between body, emotions, sensations, movement, senses, and mental/imaginal realms. The somatic portion of the workshop will explore this interconnection to integrate the visionary art material of the psychedelic experience. Participants will explore with experiential somatic awareness practices of movement, feeling and sensing, writing and sharing. Through embodied creative exploration and expression of the psychedelic experience, it offers space for the innate wisdom and healing of the body to arise, creating more doorways for change and growth to be carried forward into life, community and environment in meaningful ways.

This workshop is designed for everyone. No previous experience in movement/dance or art is needed

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