Project Description

Nature Loves Courage

NatureLovesCourage celebrate Terence McKenna’s life and blend his ideas with an organic mix of live and house flavors. There are elements of house, fused together with live instruments and vocals, with Terence’s voice interspersed throughout the tracks. Think boundary dissolution, diversity, danceablitity……. Special thanks and Love to Nick (Baba) Doof, responsible for the house remix and recordings of Terence McKenna on Anything Can Happen.

Dissolving the boundaries between the organic and electronic, NatureLovesCourage sculpt new sonic soundscapes that fuse rootsy pop, indigenous tribal, ambient downtempo, & sacred prayers to create a true Union of opposites, based on a foundation of solid songwriting. Sometimes borrowing from literary masters like Yeats and Shelley, NLC’s lyrics are both poetic and relentlessly positive, sending a courageous message of Universal love and peace so much needed in these divisive times of fear and repression.

Originally founded in 1999 by Jacques Olivier, a veteran of LA’s music scene of the early/mid-80’s, NatureLovesCourage is a celebration of the conciousness-expanding properties of Plant Spirit. Fusing live analog recordings with house remixes by international dj DOOF of TIP Records (UK), the album Çatal Hüyük is intended as a tribute to Terence McKenna, and the CD was embraced lovingly by the entheogenic artistic community, as well as many others in the world of music. The last few years has seen NatureLovesCourage play to enthusiastic crowds on the West Coast from the Echo Park Street Festival, Knitting Factory and House of Blues, to festivals on Orcas Island and Hawaii, and as far north as Whistler, BC.

“NatureLovesCourage are here to celebrate and give thanks to Mother Earth and to Great Spirit for the abundance She brings us and for the gifts of each other and of this sweet mystery of Life. We sing, we play, and we dance in ecstasy as our bodies become vessels through which the Infinite Love and Light of the Universe can pour itself. We hold the Highest Intention of Peace and of Right Relations as our ancestors did through the ages. We are the perfected dream of our Greatest Grandparents, designed for bliss and destined for connection with the Oversoul…….WELCOME HOME.”

“NatureLovesCourage are a reflection in the rainpuddles of a vast and primal and ominous force, a bio-electricity that has never known bio-insulation.” ………….Tom Robbins (author)

“I love NatureLovesCourage.” ………….Terence McKenna (author)

“NLC’s music is an outlet for the infinite sonics that traverse the Universe. Olivier has tapped into realms rarely travelled by most humans except in their dreams. One could call it New Psychedelic Music or Universal Beat. If you’re in need of a vacation from the absurdity called reality, book a trip on NLC’s voyage.” …………
.Michael Simmons, LA Weekly

“NLC’s music is pan-gaean mana medicine for changing times; the sound of the heart opening in hyperspace.” ………….Galen Butler aka Shakatura, CyberOctave Records

“A brilliant debut, look for great things from NatureLovesCourage, one of my favorite groups.” …………
.Bruce Pavitt, Sub Pop Records

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