Project Description

Maitreya Wolf

Nevada City Ca.

Maitreya Wolf’s relationship with music is a life-long love story.  “She came out of the womb dancing, singing, and drawing” according to her mother Kate, so she was enrolled in the children’s chorus at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, MA at a young age.  There she learned the classical vocal technique which is the technical foundation for her unique voices range and power and the origin of her love for the majesty of the naked voice ringing in space.

Stir the pot of this early education in renaissance era hymns with the influence of the old country, classic rock and folk that her mother loved, her uncles classical guitar playing, and Maitreyas own love of folk, pop, rock, electronic, world, and classical music, and the brew begins to cook in a unique and wonderful way.  Whether singing acapella or accompanied by guitar, frame drum, or rattle, all of this has contributed to what is now Maitreyas unparalleled signature sound, a sound she describes as “the expression of the communion of my classical training and my primal nature.”

Her songs and soundscapes are mythologies, teachings, invitations, and prayers.  Many songs have lyrics of deep poetry, and many are sung in what she calls her “soul language,” which is sound untethered to known word.  As a wordsmith, the lyrics in her songs weave the threads that we all share as participants in the human endeavor into a garment both new and familiar.  As a mystic singing in her soul language, her songs resonate with the deepest reaches of the listener, expressing in pure emotion and calling out to pure emotion, and extending the invitation to deepen, through the music, into pure experience.

Maitreya carries this gift of the music that moves through her as an offering to the healing of the world and the soul of the listener, and as her thanks to life and nature for the gift of life.  Aspiring to create a sacred space in which to connect in deeply to self, soul, other, and earth, her performances are woven of song, story, prayer and poetry.  She is one of the many voices of the earth, singing out to the deepest parts of our own hearts and souls to remember our kinship with wild nature and the web of life.

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