Project Description

Lorka Scher

Portland, Or.

Lorka Scher is a Russian American dream-folk songwriter, harpist and multi-instrumentalist. Her music weaves haunting melodies with syncopated language and raw, ethereal vocals. Drawing from themes of ancestral loss, inherited memory, and rebirth, her music is dedicated to the collective work of coming back to life.

Live performances have been described as “intimate, honest and mesmerizing”. Through embodying the rhythm of her own healing process, Lorka’s songwriting has come to echo what is forgotten, reflect what is unseen and give space to what is sacred.

Lorka’s music reminds us that it is depth of feeling that inspires responsiveness to our world… that our coming undone is part of a deeper resilience. We find medicine in the liminal state, between what has died and what wants to be created. We live at the edge of an ending and there is a rhythm in that.

Lullabies written to wake us.

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