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Herbal Medicine & Healthcare Sovereignty

Reishi Strauss

Imagine walking into a pharmacy where remedies were growing out of the Earth and hanging from trees. Where medicines like elixirs, tinctures, teas, and salves were made from freely provided flowers, roots, leaves, seeds. Imagine each time you ingested these medicines, you felt the presence of another being working with you on your journey towards healing. Imagine a world where we had the tools to be in charge of our own healing process, and we didn’t need to outsource our own well-being to an expensive and often inadequate corporate-pharmaceutical healthcare system.

This world is possible, and it already exists in our gardens and forests. We only need to open our perception to engage with the medicines that exist all around us.

What would our culture look like if we are able to take care of ourselves?

What would our culture look like if we are able to take care of each other?

What would our culture look like if we are able to take care of the Earth?

What would it look like to live and thrive in a decentralized nature-based healthcare model?

Come aboard the journey of revolutionizing our healthcare system through the knowledge and practice of plant medicine. We will go over local plant identification, herbs for the digestive, respiratory, immune, nervous, lymphatic, and musculo-skeletal system, and the art of making these plants & mushrooms into medicines that can travel through space & time with you on your life’s journey.


Reishi Strauss grew up in the Appalachian Mountains of southwestern Virginia where she learned the ways of intuitive Appalachian folk herbalism, using her relationship with plants and mushrooms to help navigate the chaos and complexity of this modern world. In 2016 she moved cross-country to receive her B. Sc. in Herbal Science at Bastyr University where she took classes in Ethnobotany, Mycology, Pharmacology, Herbal Medicine Making, Herb/Drug Interactions, and more. Since graduating, she’s started her own herbalism & medicinal mushroom company – Earth & Spirit Botanicals – which she operates out of her yurt on Orca’s Island. It is her passion to build relationships between the plant and human world, helping others to tap into the magic and medicine of Nature’s botanical beings.
Mushrooms are another passion and specialty of Reishi’s – not only for medicine, but for the mycelial metaphors that mushrooms provide for how we can build decentralized cultural networks.

Reishi’s Journey and Perspective on Herbal Medicine (skip to 7:00)

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