Project Description

Re-Mything the Story- Healing Breathwork Ceremony.

Jamie Renee Lashbrook

Jamie Renee Lashbrook is a Shamanic Practitioner and Womb Wisdom Keeper . For close to a decade she has worked as Maya Abdominal Practitioner, Clinical Visceral Specialist, Breath Work Practitioner, Mentor and community ceremonialist with individuals and in groups.

Her group transmissions focus on the inherent and dreamt gift in each one of us. That every wound has a medicine waiting to be seen through the lens of the mythic heart.

Breath is the medicine and midwife ofthe human Life. It holds the oath you took with Life as you embarked on this human journey? Do you remember? Your soul does. The breath can activate these deep codes from within the psyche, body and nervous system. When activated at a level of pure surrender
and awareness, it can provide profound somatic release and freedom from inherited stories, traumas and contractions held in the holistic nervous system.

When our stories are viewed in this dimension we return to living in alignment with the medicine and Myth of Life.

This is a ceremony- Shamanic healing and activation will hold the container. This is also a trauma aware container and we will be holding a brief discussion on the necessity of trauma awareness, integration, privilege and appropriation. (Yes, they are all connected and the discussion will be to prompt further discussion outside the container as this is a big topic).

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