Project Description

Gone Gone Beyond

New York City

Gone Gone Beyond is the brainchild of composer/producer David Block (The Human Experience – LA/NYC), and multi instrumentalist/singer/songwriters Danny Musengo (Iowa/NYC), Kat Factor (Santa Cruz), and Mel Seme (Cuba/Barcelona). The band also collaborates with many guest artists from around the world.

The band is comprised of both classically trained and self-educated artists, bringing with them a unique and diverse perspective on sound. Gone Gone Beyond celebrates diversity and their unique formation of all multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriters from around the globe, make for an incredibly dynamic live experience.

The band’s music has been described as “mesmerizing future folk” (Consequence of Sound) and is constantly pushing the boundaries of blending , folk, soul and world music. Since their debut EP in late 2016, they have played a range of events and festivals, including Coachella, Lightning in a Bottle, the UN general assembly, Red Rocks, and many others.

Consequence of Sound – “Will set the tone for future indie folk songs to come.”

AXS – “Touches the soul with an eclectic mix of electronic music with diverse harmonies.” “Their musical style is filled with so many flavors–is so diverse. How do you accomplish all this beauty?”

Live for Live Music – “Gone Gone Beyond is a fresh take on pop music, and at times a ballsy way to make dance music. It’s definitely folkie too, informed by New York but not exactly native to it either. It is story, it is landscape, it is anthem.”

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