Project Description

Flow State of Mind / Physical & Mental Training Techniques

Summer Huntington & Zach

Learn about the science & physiology of Flow State, the most optimum human experience and how to tap into this source for creativity, power and manifestation quickly. The mind and body are inextricably linked and Summer & Zach will take you on a journey through somatics, mobility, meditation and personal development work to help you get more clear on the vision of your highest self. Expect some light movement and group flow state, often referred to as extasis. 

Summer Huntington holds a Masters in Kinesiology: Human Movement and Performance. She has taught her signature educational seminars globally on loaded asana & conditioning for yoga since 2011, is a Master Trainer for RAD Roller (Self Myofascial Release tools) and studied under Noah Maze & Rocky Heron at Wanderlust Hollywood to complete her 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. Summer’s approach integrates Flow psychology, applications of Flow based training and mindset. She is the founder of Flow Shala, a movement and lifestyle studio in Bellingham, WA and specializes in adult behavioral change & helping people cultivate a meaningful movement practice. She believes we are stronger together, and hopes to empower people to create a meaningful movement practice. Summer lives in a tiny home in Bellingham, Washington with her son Cedric and practices Steel Mace & Dance / Free Flow and performs occasionally at the local Circus Guild. 

Zach has been focusing on self development full time and is pursuing a Master’s degree in Consciousness and Transformative Studies. He studied Industrial Engineering and worked in the tech corporate world for years before transitioning to a career more aligned with Self Development. Zach has a thirst for exploration that has taken him all over the world to retreats, trainings festivals, facilitating ceremonies, workshops and meditations. He is a certified Yoga teacher and life coach, and is passionate about supporting people and their personal growth. 

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