Project Description

Erika Merz

Description of Art

My art is deeply intentional, based on spiritual experiences I have doing energy work, ecstatic dance and prayer. I mostly use acrylics and/or watercolor mediums. Each image has a unique power for healing and transformation that is beyond my understanding but I witness it daily and am honored to be midwifing these images into this plane. For these reasons, I’ve started writing intentions and prayers that relate to each image as a means of inviting us to engage more deeply with the art and to inspire meaningful shifts within us.

Installation Description

Witness this art on an altar allows a place for people can pause from the excitement of the festival, tune into the energy of the art and read the intentions/prayers that go with the image. The art tends to evoke deeply healing, inspiring and empowering experiences for people. I find that altars are a beautiful way to share my art in a more interactive way. May this installation inspire us in healing and transformative ways.

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