Project Description

Ecological Design, Green Building, Sacred Geometry, Remembering Ourselves and the infinite Universe…

 Peter Domecq

In this interactive presentation, Peter Domecq, the founder and visionary behind various community development, educational, and NGO projects, will take us on a journey of exploration. We will inquire into our place within the natural environment, the built environment, the design of life, our interior world, and the multiverse. Exploring how different observations and perspectives can influence the way we co-inhabit our spaces and create place, collectively dreaming a new vision of existence and realizing that new vision through intention and action. Re-membering ourselves, through common-unity.

A son of the universe, Peter has been exploring community and holistic living for most of his life. He is trained as a Permaculturist, Anthropologist, Ecologist, Ecological designer, Yoga Instructor, sound healer, therapist and breath work facilitator amongst other interests. He has worked in the health food industry, community development, organic farming, intentional communities and healing one’s relationship with oneself, each other and the planet. As an instructor and facilitator Peter is dedicated to personal growth and evolution. Currently he is completing an ecological building project in Baja Sur Mexico and getting ready to launch a new concept in regenerative development and community integration. Peter is honoured to be able to share with the community here, continuing his own process of evolution along with the collective. “The more I learn, the less I know” “remember yourself”.

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