Project Description

Earth Practice

Bellingham, Wa

Earth Practice is the song-family of Yin, Yam and Jessi from Bellingham, WA.

Drawing inspiration from the sacred aspects of everyday life, the three friends offer powerful song medicine through simple means; creating warm, easy-to-catch songs that activate the heart and feel good inside.

Their unique blend of musical influences have drawn comparisons to everything from 90s r&b to doo-wop to devotional chanting – often using only sounds and rhythms made by their hands, feet and voices. Having been a part of weekly song circles and community choirs for years (including public song offerings, heart-opening workshops and ceremonial spaces) the trio believes that music is a shared language between people, and a medicine by which communities are made stronger and more vibrant. Their acappella-driven live shows are often highly interactive and intimate, striking a unique balance between harmonization, improvisation, listening and play.

Once the container is set, there’s no telling what might happen.
(Occasionally, portals get opened ;))

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