Project Description

Dynamic Partner Flow

Hilary Kingman & Keri Carlton

Come experience a diverse, exciting and playful partner yoga class with the lovely couple, Keri and Hilary. These ladies will enthusiastically lead us through a series of gentle partner stretches that focus on awakening the spine and grounding the body. As our bodies open and begin to soften into trust, we will dive into more active partner yoga. We will safely practice balancing moves and explore therapeutic flying, with the support of spotters. The class concludes with a simple, guided Thai massage session where both partners give and receive. Those who are new to partner yoga will be challenged with some fun new moves and stretches while those seasoned veterans will be rewarded with a deeper understanding of how to connect with a partner. No partner necessary for this class. All colors of the rainbow are welcome!


Hilary and Keri are highly skilled yoga teachers and bodywork practitioners. These heart-centered, fun-loving ladies met at Imagine in 2016 and since then have developed a variety of offerings to share with their communities. Keri and Hilary draw from diverse backgrounds in the healing arts world and infuse their knowledge of the body into their artfully crafted classes. Both women are committed to their self care practices which include yoga, massage, nutrition, meditation and mindfulness. Their connection to nature inspires everything they do and helps fuel their passion for life.

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