Project Description

Death and Dying with Dignity

Annemieka Neenan

“What don’t you want?”….that is the question we will explore together.

More than 20 years ago, whilst living in Australia, Mieka found herself in a situation of wanting to understand death, after a friend died tragically and her fear of death had become intolerable. She was compelled to learn more and signed up to become a Hospice Aide Volunteer. After completing her certificate she then also completed training to be a Lifeline Hotline Counsellor, after the very personal experience of needing it.

In 2001 she came to Orcas Island and for the last 18 years, she has continued to be of service as a Hospice Aide and Grief Counsellor to those in the community and around the world needing assistance, whether hands on or in consultation. She has experienced dying in all forms, and the key thing she has taken away, is that, knowing what you don’t want, will help you plan for what you do.

“We don’t always get that choice, but in so many circumstances I have witnessed, most people would have chosen to do it differently, if they’d only had all the information.”

So, let’s talk about death, and dying with dignity and what are some small things we can put in place, that will aide you and your loved ones in the future, and quite possibly, bring you peace now. We will explore this through discussion, personal testimony, powerful video and to end, we will have a sound healing with a special guest, whose music was used by Mieka with a patient at their chosen time of death.

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