Project Description

Dance Healing

Hayley Shannon

This workshop cultivates space to look inward and allow the elements of dance that belong to all human beings – breath, rhythm, shape and muscle connectivity – to guide us. We drop into our felt senses and explore structured improvisations and artful reflective practices to harvest our internal resources. By contacting our deep self and being present to what wants to be heard, we transform. Live music provides a living support for our journey. Revelations in the dance space can rejuvenate our creativity and help us break free from patterns no longer serving us. Folks of all physical abilities and experiences are most welcome.

Hayley Shannon is a dance/movement artist based in Seattle, WA investigating dance as a channel for healing and empowerment. Her workshops integrate dance/movement therapy, expressive art therapy, contemporary dance and meditation to evoke authentic connections within individuals and the community. She trained at Tamalpa Institute’s Somatic Expressive Arts Therapy program with Daria and Anna Halprin and dance/movement therapy with Dr. Danielle Fraenkel in Corfu, Greece, as well as Dance at Michigan State University. In addition to performing and creating, she teaches movement and dance for folks of all abilities and ages including at health centers, shelters, orphanages, conferences, retreats, festivals and independent workshops in the U.S., Greece, Panama and Singapore. Hayley collaborates with artists, healers, and activists to foster healing arts.

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