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Creatrix is a collaborative group who use their bodies to create shapes, cast spells, and contort femininity with tantalizing creations. Their performances span from sacred to sensual, playful to twisted, and everything in between. With a focus on storytelling through movement, they embody the belief that movement can be medicine as well as magic.

Fox Rose


Fox Rose is a dynamic performance artist and costume designer based in Seattle, WA. She has been blessed to share her gift of dance and improv around the world from EDC Japan to Shambhala; with many heArt-centered festies in between. Through dance, play, props, unique costuming and eccentric headpieces she thrives on finding authentic ways to connect with an array of audiences.

Kaci Wallace


With an ever-evolving dance flow style ranging from earthy to alien, geometric to liquid, prop manipulation to acrobatics, Kaci is an enchanting movement artist who believes deeply in the healing powers of art and expression. Dance to her is physical poetry; it is through this modality that she feels she is able to most clearly communicate the raw essence of her soul in relation to the world. Through her synesthetic dance art offerings, Kaci aims to reach the hearts of her audience, igniting passion, creative inspiration, and reverence for the beauty that is always available in life.

Jen Monette


Jen Monette embodies dance as a medium for conjuring and storytelling. Through performance art and movement, she seeks to enact deeply psychological themes guided by modern dance and healing somatic practices. A co-founder of Creatrix, she is on a journey to create transformative pieces that spark magic and insight. She has produced and performed in productions at Imagine Festival, Expansion Festival, Cascadia Festival, Burning Man, and other local Seattle-based productions.

Kate Hall


Kate is a fluid performance artist with an affinity for freestyle, group choreography, crowd interaction, and character play.  She has performed at a variety of events including Imagine Music & Arts Festival, Subkulture Cabaret, Paradiso, Expansion Music Festival and Cascadia, among others.  Her style ranges from sharp pop and lock-er to flowing freestyler, with plenty in between. Her intention is to dazzle her audiences and inspire movement and connection.

Miss Powers


Miss Powers is a Seattle, WA based story weaver. Using her body to create poetry, she has been captivating audiences for 3 years. From dark, sultry cabaret to light hearted, exuberant character work, she has partnered with local and global event production companies to create a one of a kind experience for each audience to behold. These companies include SubKulture Cabaret, WAVES Presents, CircusWerks, USC Events, and Insomniac Entertainers. Whether it’s a free style dance set, a fiery fan dance, a choreographed prop piece, or an awe-inspiring aerial act, Miss Powers leaves her heart and soul on the stage.

Featured Artist



FEMMEFIRE has spent her life expressing herself through movement. When she’s not working as the Education and Outreach Coordinator at Heylo Cannabis, she spends her time fighting social injustices and dancing life’s stress away.  She infuses her background in hip hop, contemporary, house, and ballroom with LED light and fire props, such as the rope dart and fiberoptic whip. As one half of HOLLAgraphic, this performance artist lives by example and challenges the world to see beauty in dancers of every shape and size.

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