Project Description

CoSenZ Consent

X Razma

CoSenZ Consent : Co-sensing Consent through corporeal communication we practice both verbal & non-verbal messaging in the dance dialogue of detailed desire. In this workshop you will learn how to communicate with your unconscious through the body – tuning into body sensations so that you know the unique way your body relays your boundaries, needs, & desires in each evolving moment. We will also practice confidence in our voice & expression and learn how to read the body language of our play partners. Practicing CoSenZ Consent creates a safe container to physical intimacy, so we can steep deep.

X RAZMA is a healer, media maker, & cultural curator evolving the edge of therapeutic touch. RAZMA melds a rigorous academic background studying human development, expressive arts, & transpersonal somatic psychology at Northwestern University & CIIS with teaching contact improvisation, bodywork, nutrition, & the curative arts. Through meta-analysis of the field of psychology RAZMA has crystalized cultural structures that support somatic sanctuaries within and without, expanding trusted talk therapy containers into a group healing field for collective trauma release. RAZMA is producer of the SomanautZ radical bodywork performance healing collective.

RAZMA has contributed to connective consent culture by creating a ‘CoSenZ Consent’ guidebook which teaches deepening somatic awareness, speaking to the unconscious, & development of body literacy. RAZMA has been involved in harm reduction & space holding for folx in challenging altered states for over 10 years as Ranger Razberry.

RAZMA specializes in embodiment education, amplifying attunement in somatic communication, & therapeutic twerking. A sacred clown, RAZMA is muse of the movement movement, motivating emotive expression as a welcoming water witch. RAZMA has lived and grown in intentional community throughout life, and currently stewards the budding retreat center & water medicine temple  WYLD in the Bay Area.

RAZMA believes that playful physical expression will bring peace to our planet & is a nerd for new cultures & memes that model our fabulously free & freaky future. You can find RAZMA in water, nature, temples & steam baths. RAZMA is often singing medicine songs, documenting, seeding stretching/dancing, & giving hug-justments.

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