Project Description

Benjamin Moss

I feel there is an infinite capacity within the inner realm of consciousness.
A myriad of worlds within galaxies within dimension within hearts.
A never ending exploration that we can be created and recreated
and that all these are equally alive, being born and remade continuously.
Everything that is thought, felt and imagined is a realm of existence
just as real if not more real than that which we perceive as the outer world.
All of these are the branches, leaves, flowers, fruit and seeds of the great
one tree that is the god-mind universe that observes all experience and reads all stories.
Music, art, dance and expression of all kinds serve us as
the connection to depict within this world all worlds that connect us.
However one can bring their imagination to life serves as a gateway
and access to shed light upon the truth of our inner connectivity.
Imagination is a power that intrigues me most. Is it unlimited and as
Albert Einstien quoted “Imagination is everything.
It is the preview of coming attractions.”
When I started seeing visionary art that expressed what I knew inside
that I could not exactly communicate with spoken language,
I knew I had seen a flicker of a universal magic. A way of sculpting new
universes that would broaden the horizons of consciousness. 

Personal Statement

I’ve gone through a lot of internal debate with myself about the intention I have spending time creating artwork. For a while I was conflicted about whether or not it seemed practical and altruistic in today’s world. One can’t help but to see images in media and hear about the myriad of different forms of suffering and oppression that are happening here on Earth. I check myself constantly if art can actually heal, inspire and provide nourishment to other beings, or if it’s just an exploration of the ego. I once expressed this confusion and at the time felt as though I couldn’t get past the vanity that I saw with my own artistic pursuit. I wanted to do something to truly help what is fundamentally needed by the collective life force. Then someone said to me, “Paint from that feeling.” And since then I have taken to my heart and my empathy to conjure the expression that I feel the deepest inside me. That has become the seed of my spending time bringing to the surface the internal landscapes of human consciousness. One must pray with one hand and reach out with the other. I donate 10% of all profits received through this site to organizations that are working in a direct way to protect the animals, environment and human beings in need.

May all beings be happy and free

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