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Becoming Closer

James Michael Seehof MS, LCPC, LMFT

Becoming Closer:

We live in a society that fosters competition, distrust and separation. We often have a small circle of close friends and sometimes none at all. Festival goers skew towards the social side of that norm but conversation is generally kept “safe” and is rarely intimate. Few of us make a regular effort towards meaningful connection with those we know less well. Being open to everyday deep interaction can gradually shift the norms and expectations of our society. Over time we have the potential of creating a more trusting, compassionate and caring world as we become willing to have meaningful contact with a greater number of individuals and learn to widen our range of comfort and familiarity.

In this 90 minute workshop I will be creating a space to explore becoming closer to those we don’t know. After a brief introduction we will be pairing with others to create connection through a series of interactions. Finally, we will circle up and explore what we experienced. How we were challenged. What we learned about ourselves and others. How we might bring these insights home and effect change in our community. What is our vision of a world that is open, courageous and caring?

James Michael Seehof is 55 years old, passionate about supporting the creation of a world culture that is inclusive, compassionate and participatory.

He attained a Graduate Degree in Psychology and was a licensed psychotherapist with a private practice for 15 years. He is currently licensed as a LCPC and LMFT. Beyond the clinical, he explored transpersonal, spiritual and growth issues. He worked with individuals, families and led groups on a number of topics. He attended over 50 workshops at locations including Esalen and Harbin and many conferences including the Mythopoetic Mens Movement, SAND and Bioneers. He led workshops through his practice and shared in diverse settings such as Occupy and substance abuse clinics. Recently he has been exploring plant medicine through the use of Ayahuasca. Last year he presented at Imagine Festival and SAND (Science and NonDuality Conference). This year he will be presenting again at Imagine and SAND.

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