Project Description

Teao Sense (Audiopharmacy)

Oakland, California

Audiopharmacy is a live world hip-hop ensemble that inspires to make music that is unique & avant-garde, yet always speaks the language of the people. Extending its repertoire beyond the genre, Audiopharmacy intricately fuses together inspiration from all corners of the earth with global musical styles, live instrumentation, turntablism, electronics, soulful poetics & technical lyricism that stirs insight, healing and consciousness.

Audiopharmacy has been strongly rooted in community for over 15 years. The musical ensemble is a part of Audiopharmacy Prescriptions, an international art collective founded by Multi-Instrumentalist/DJ/Producer Teao Sense, based in the San Francisco Bay Area. The vision of the Audiopharmacy Prescriptions (APP) Collective is to unify communities across the world through positive cross-cultural exchanges, using art, media, education, and other creative mediums. Although members of the AP Collective started making community-minded music together in 1994, the collective was officially founded in 2001, when the movement had grown beyond a hip hop group. The AP Collective began facilitating highly collaborative projects and events, both locally and internationally, with the objective to engage with diverse communities and promote cross-cultural community understanding.

The 90’s Bay Area Underground Hip Hop scene was the birthing ground for Hapa (mixed Chinese/European ancestry) visionary producer / multi-instrumentalist / DJ – turntablist / educator / papa / founder of the Audiopharmacy Prescriptions Collective – Teao Sense. His love for Hip-Hop and hunger for positive change took him on a 20+ year journey from being fresh-out-of high school, to selling cassette tapes on the streets of San Francisco, to traveling and touring the world. In 2002, he established the Audiopharmacy Prescriptions Intl. Artivist Collective as a hub for collaboration, creativity and community-building. Over the years, Teao’s love for art + culture has led this man of many hats to work as a radio show dj/host, to produce music events; serve as band leader and musical director for the World Hip Hop Ensemble – Audiopharmacy; work as a music educator; and represent the U.S. as a Cultural Music Ambassador. Teao has also has had the honor of collaborating with some of the world’s most talented and conscious lyricists, poets, visual artists, dancers, and indigenous performers including Dead Prez, DJ Quest, Maya Azucena, Shing02 (Japan), the Kirtaniyas, Climbing PoeTree, Dancing Earth (Indigenous dance company), and had the privilege of sharing the stage with Goapele, Bruno Mars, Aradhna (NZ), Bomba Estereo, and Kaytranada to name a few.

With a deep commitment to his craft and an undying passion for pushing his creative potential,Teao Sense’s music is ever evolving yet created with timeless organic instrumentation, turntablism, electronics, and a smooth fusion of globally inspired genres, creating his unique avant-garde sound. Teao Sense believes in following your dreams, respecting people’s planets, and the healing of all Nations. He aspires to make timeless music that invokes insight + inspiration always.

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