Dear Imagine Family,

The time has come to announce that we will be cancelling Imagine 2020. As you may know, the situation in the state of Washington will not allow gatherings to happen this year. We waited as long as we can and it has now reached the point that it will not be possible for us to produce The Imagine Music & Arts Festival in 2020.

The lineup is finished, the website is done and sadly we are going to have to wait till next year to do Imagine again. The Imagine team works very hard all year to put on the best show we can. This winter we have built a new facade for the stage and dreamed up a number of new art projects. We are not viewing this as a cancellation, but rather a postponement. We will take this time to dream up the next rendition of our collective art piece.

With all that being said this experience has given us time to reflect on what we miss by not having these gatherings in our lives. We miss the connections, We miss our friends who we rarely get to see, we miss the creative energy and the kindness and caring. We miss the community. When we get to do Imagine again it is clear the things we hope we will focus on. We will refine the process and hope to cultivate the values of our community.

This year 2020 has been the strangest year most of us have ever seen. There is a lot of heavy intense energy and many of us are isolated and struggling. In this time we hope to remind you of the power of human connection. Reach out to your loved ones. Reach out to those that might need a hand. In this time, more than ever we need each other and the world needs us to hold our light. Be kind to people in your daily interactions and if you need help ask for it. We are truly all in this together. Patience, kindness, caring and community. We will get through this.

We want to thank those who have supported us by buying earlybird tickets and we would like to address our plan for those. As an organization that works all year on Imagine we rely on presale tickets to fund a lot of our operations cost. Graphic and web designers, artists and builders work throughout the year to bring you a finely tuned event when it happens. Deposits are paid, music acts are booked and it is a very complex operation. Because of this we do not have all the money to refund everyone’s tickets. We are asking that people who bought tickets for 2020 use their tickets for our event we are planning for 2021. If anyone is experiencing a situation where they need to get the tickets refunded please contact us by June 26th and we will work it out.

Most of you have been with us for many years now and some of the crew have been working on shows together for over 15 years. We are so thankful for your friendship and companionship throughout our journeys. You guys are our friends and we love you dearly. Until we dance again friends. Let’s hope we get to see each other sooner rather than later.

Love Mieka & Darin

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