Sunday Morning Song Circle
Aimee Ringle & Songlines

Takin’ em to church! Come wake up right, and get down with us, gospel-style, at the Main Stage on Sunday morning…

““Aimee Ringle brings wisdom, depth, hilarity, and irresistible invitation to everything she does. Her songs are little gems that glow with virtuosity and insight. Her voice is honey and cayenne. And her song leading opens the way for any group to leap into ecstatic song. She is a treasure.”
-Barbara McAfee (Voice Coach/Trainer, Speaker, Singer-Songwriter, Songleader)

“”There are two steams that inform great storytelling:
the poetic and the mythic. In olden times these two were naturally and always braided together with a third—music. Modernity brings specialization which has unkindly split so many things that once belonged together. And so it is surprising to the point of awe when in one artist we find the music, poetic and mythic braided together again before our eyes, ears, and hearts so that they are reunited within us in a kind of healing.
Aimée Ringle is one such artist, healer, mythteller, mythsinger;
A treasure, a pleasure, and culture bringer. Don’t miss a chance to experience the magic that flows through her.””
-Daniel Deardorff (Mythsinger, Author, Producer)”