Gemini Brett

Gemini Brett is a modern mystic, StarryTeller, and shamanic astrologer who lives in Seattle, Washington when he’s not out spreading the word and exploring the world’s sacred sites.

If concrete conditioning within the confines of scholastic science had not formed the impenetrable clouds of a skeptic mind, Gemini Brett might have heard the stars singing to him long ago. His gaze had always been directed skyward, after all, and now hindsight clearly shows that childhood astronaut dreams and collegiate curriculums of astronomy and aeronautical engineering were simply celestial signposts along the road to right livelihood as an Astrologer. Even in a five-year break from academic pursuit spent chasing his saxophone around the country as a touring musician, wasn’t he really just trying to become a star himself?

The world might not have ended in 2012, but Brett’s sure underwent a wholesale death and rebirth. He stumbled into his spiritual awakening through a synchronistic maze of mysteries that shattered the walls of skepticism and initiated an unquenchable thirst for the juiciest mysteries of the great unknown. Brett’s heart has since led him through English stone circles, over ancient American mounds, into the jungles of the Amazon, above the clouds of the Andes, atop the pyramids of the Mayan daykeepers, and beyond; adventures which continue to unlock intuitive abilities and reveal innate astrological understanding.