Radical Contact Fusion
Loretta Laurin

Explore fundamental tools and techniques from contact improv and blues/fusion partner dancing, to deepen your ability to connect with others on the dance floor! This hands-on workshop is infused with consent-based communication techniques, and will deepen your awareness of your personal movement expression and the wider community/relationships you move with. Radical Contact Fusion is an emerging, non-gendered, connection-based dance form with the potential to transform your relationship to moving with others, rewrite power structures, and bring more magic to your dance experience!

Dragon Waterwood hails from Vancouver, BC and has a diverse set of influences and a fluid sense of identity and expression. They have a background in social activism, as well as 8 years of embodiment facilitation, including dance, Pilates, and yoga. A lover of dance of all forms, Dragon considers herself to be a life-dancer with a keen interest in the science and magic of connection. Their workshops are a beautiful integration of their diverse influences, and strike a unique balance of grounded depth with light-hearted play.