Personalized Meditation Practice
Katherine E. Poco-Enders

This container supports a deep and transformational unfolding into helping you discover which meditation practice is right for you. We will experience together grounding meditation, anapana, vipassana and the light meditation technique. You will learn how to connect deeper with your physical, emotional and mental body. You will also discover grounding exercises that help you connect deeper with your body. We will touch on the benefits of why it is good to have a physical practice and also discuss the benefits of why shadow work go hand in hand with meditation.

Katherine E. Poco-Enders started meditating in 2005 with the transcendental meditation technique. Since then I have given free toning workshops for my community and have given many one-on-one meditation sessions with clients. Also, I have attended sixteen 10-day silent meditation and one 20-day retreat. For the past two years I have been in a training program with Thomas Hübl in which I’ve studied transparent communication and actively practicing deep shadow work. I have also studied with a Tibetan teacher of the Gelug tradition. I have done a 110,000 mantra recitation retreat followed by a fire puja and received teachings from the Dalai Lama and the Karmapa.