Morning Yoga
Josephine Silverwolf

As a child Josephine was influenced by the arts and philosophy of the Hindu culture, including yoga and meditation. Her mother was an avid participant in Indian culture and often visited Ashrams and pujas. Chanting and other practices were a norm in her household. Setting this example for her daughter, Josephine grew up with a profound connection to the practices of yoga and meditation. At an early age Josephine discovered the physical practice of Hatha yoga, and made the study and practice of asana a part of her life. As she travelled through Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India she was blessed to have many teachers who inspired her to deepen her study. “It is an awe inspiring and endless process that I have dedicated myself to. I believe yoga practice is more than what we do on our mats; It is a way of living and one of many paths which opens the self to unique potential” Josephine’s philosophy on yoga, is that she is the fortunate one, who is given the opportunity to share, and inspire others to practice. Her style of teaching is fundamentally alignment based. She aims to create a safe environment so that the asanas are fun, flowing, and at times challenging. Josephine’s passions are traveling, learning and teaching, raising her two daughters to be kind, compassionate, healthy and creative human beings, leading a conscious, aware and sustainable lifestyle, art, music, nature, food.