Insects As Food
Sarah Kent

Other countries eat insects as a part of their everyday diet. Get introduced to the basics as we explore the benefits of eating insects! We will meet some examples of insects that can be farmed, and compare insects to other meats. Learn how eating insects can positively impact you and the world. Taste some delicious samples, and connect with the thousands of species we interact with every day!

An athlete and assistant strength-conditioning coach during his college days, Eric culminated years on the playing field by completing his Master’s in Exercise Physiology at The American University in Washington, D.C. in 1992. His dedication to all forms of movement added up to a minor in dance, in which he excelled during both his undergraduate and graduate years.

Eric then spent more than two years with the Peace Corps in Africa, where he gained a new perspective on health and fitness. This led him to create the Comprehensive Lifestyle Plan (CLP), his unique personal training philosophy that tailors a fitness approache to each client’s specific needs.

Since 1998, Eric has successfully used CPL to change the lives of countless clients. Core focused, the plan encompasses preventative and rehabilitation therapy tools designed with an element of fun. Over the past ten years, Eric has been training trainers through the WITS certification program at Seattle Central Community College, Cascadia Community College, and several other colleges in King County. Eric has been leading all types of movement classes for more than 30 years.

Seattle Times featured an article on his best-selling workout CD “Fitness Rhythms.” Runner’s World Magazine Q&A featured him as a fitness expert. He has volunteered as the Program Coordinator for the World Rhythm Festival since 2006. Eric was also featured in a MSN-sponsored short film for Kashi Foods about Exercise Ball Fitness.