Inner Alignment QiGong
Naomi Jason

Qigong is a wake up, a clearing of grogginess in the cells, a renewal and rejuvenation of my awareness and reverence for all that is inside and out. Cultivating an inward ‘eye’, I see how we are able to harness our strength and come back into sync with our being’s true flow. Working with the basic fundamentals of the 5 element Medical Qigong system, the Qigong class I teach gently wakes up the body, tunes us in to the organ systems, meridians and channels, balances yin and yang, and charges up the energy fields.

Naomi Jason has been facilitating movement and working with community for close to 20 years. She brings her joy for movement, her passion for expression and her patient welcoming presence to all that she does. Through Dance Temple, ecstatic, hiphop and contemporary dance, yoga, qigong and theatre, she invites the brilliance, imagination and silliness in every one of us. In the last 2 years, her dedication to community building has brought her to twice to Tamera, Peace Research Project, in Portugal. She moves forward with a vision of a global community where abundance, regeneration and love free from fear is possible.