Imagine Serenity Garden


Imagine Serenity Garden

Imagine Healing

In the Serenity Garden

Imagine a serene safe space where you can be received, witnessed, and supported on your personal healing journey towards wholeness while collectively holding space for witnessing and supporting others.   Within the Serenity Garden at Imagine we will provide a sacred and intentional container for participants to pass thru and/or participate in integral practices of healing and wholeness.  This zone will provide different opportunities to explore and refine the Body, Mind, and Spirit thru various modalities such as Resistance Flexibility Stretching, Energy Work, Bodywork and Sound Healing with the guidance of trained practitioners and collective participation.   These areas are intended to be open to invite engagement and participation as well as for witnessing or simply available to peruse while wandering back to the Doe Bay Sauna & Spa.

Sound creates matter. Sound healing is the most ancient form of creating change. Sessions are unique to the moment inducing the theta brainwave state and a primal connection to the awareness of one’s being at the core soul level. Every experience with each particular practitioner is an adventure in healing through the playful presence of energetic frequencies. There are many mediums thru which sound may express itself, whether it is healing vocal sounds, tuning forks, Tibetan & crystal singing bowls, digeridoos, drums, and more, the vibratory experience is explored thru an open hearted conversation.


Resistance Flexibility (RF) is a sophisticated movement therapy rooted in an associative database that maps the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual worlds to the health of your tissue.  It is a form of yoga where you begin in the most contracted state instead of the most lengthened.  Starting in a shortened position allows you to find the paths of restriction that normally push you into redundant default patterns of moving and being.   This is the safest and most innate way to stretch and make permanent changes in the accumulate dense fascia and/or scar tissue that defines your limitations.  It can teach the individual a way of psychological exploration that gives more control , responsibility, and authority of the self as well as connects everyone through learning of each other’s perspective and the shared experience of stretching others and being stretched.


Energy work is demonstrated in many modalities and may include techniques originating from ancient traditions as well as recent technological discoveries that are used to manipulate the bioenergy, energetic pathways, and unique patterns of the patient with the goal of restoring balance, removing blockages, and resetting the system for wholeness.


Body work can be many various modalities of hands on therapy.  Our practitioners are focused on modalities integrative practices such as cranio-sacral, somatics and shiatsu.  These practices utilize ancient techniques to apply pressure, mobilize, stretch, and transform the body’s tissues and functions and can be experienced fully clothed.


NOTE:  MASSAGE is offered by DOE BAY RESORT here:

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