Herbalism & Interspecies Communication

Ellen Kamhi PhD, RN

Lets start in the “classroom” and investigate the scientific research linked to the the phenomena of the consciousness of plants! Then we will wander in the field, surrounded by the pulsating life force and being-ness of those around us- including animals, plants, stones, earth, sky, water and more. Whether you connect through spirit or through science, the result is the same- you and all are part of a whole. Lets experiment with ancient experiential communication techniques, used by the ancestors and modern sensitivities alike so we can hear, smell, feel and communicate with our brother, sister and androgynous selves and mirror image beings . If you would like to (not required) bring a dowsing tool such as a pendulum to assist in enhancing your sensitivity to the outcry of energetic voices seeking to communicate with you in a mutually beneficial reciprocal exchange.