Golden Tantra: Skills for Conscious Living


Golden Tantra: Skills for Conscious Living

Golden Tantra: Skills for Conscious Living
Baruch Roter MD, Veronica Fernmoss

You are designed to feel joyful, open and whole.
You are designed to access expanded states of consciousness through the portal of your senses.
You are designed to live a fulfilling life.

Tantra is an ancient practice that uses every aspect of living, from breathing to feeling to relating, as a means to develop an intimate connection with life.

Learn to live in the joyful tantric union of your divine masculine and feminine aspects, powerful yet gentle, assertive yet flowing, self-sourcing yet deeply interconnected.

Cultivating this relationship with life is deeply transformative ~ a complete game changer.

In this workshop you will learn simple and powerful ways to live a conscious life in alignment with your own innate wisdom, and to experience the joy of profound connection with your self and others that naturally arises from a mindful and openhearted state.

This workshop will be an interplay of brief verbal teaching, verbal and non-verbal self-connection and connecting with others exercises with a bit of movement and group singing.

“Baruch Roter, MD is a yogi and family physician who promotes holistic health by helping people cultivate a present mind, an activated body, and a heart-centered spirit. He has studied yoga, meditation & Tantra for 30 years. His passion is teaching people and healers in particular how to be in the moment and live with greater ease and happiness.

Veronica Fernmoss is a life coach who combines her deep connection with nature with her background in psychology, Tantra, yoga and movement to empower people to live a juicy life connected with their higher self and Spirit.”

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