Creativity, Art & Science
Dr. Mary Pines & Jamie Perellet

Join molecular biologist/artist Dr Mary Pines and physicist/artist Jamie Perrelet on a visionary journey into the unified nature of art and science. We invite you to ‘Chiasma’, a creative arc that criss-crosses between analytical and intuitive ways of knowing. Through a kaleidoscope of interactive visual art, algorithms, sound, microscopy and traditional artwork, we weave stories from the heart of science and draw parallels between perceived polarities. We also share imaginative perspectives (and the latest science) on how we can resource ourselves from our creative subconscious. Opening the portals of perception to peripheral, immersive modes of enquiry, we empower innate wisdom as the architect of life experience. How will you paint your universe?

“Dr. Marie Pines: Equal parts artist/scientist/explorer, curiosity led me to an art habit & a PhD. I fuse realism with abstraction to create portals to other worlds, where science meets the imagination and rich textures, organic forms and vibrant colors excite the senses. I aim to bridge communities and inspire creativity, connectivity & joy.

Jamie Perellet: I dance through the labyrinths of life with a keen taste for the fertile ferment of paradox.” Half artist, half physicist, Jamie sculpts visionary environments that immerse the viewer in the divine mysteries of reality through a kaleidoscopic of interactive projections.”