Alchemy of Improv with Jess Carmen and Water Eye

What is Alchemy: A magical process of transformation, creation and combination.

The Alchemy of Improv is a dance ceremony infused with live, improv music. Here, the dancers allow their prayers to be divinely moved through expression and witnessed, creating a potency that is deeply felt.                        

Dance is a powerful tool for manifestation! 

This class is aimed to purify, mature and perfect your prayers for manifestation.
On Jess:
Jess’ soul shines the brightest when performing improvisational dance. Vulnerability and courage are key ingredients involved in surrendering into the mystery of a song. From this paradoxical place, transformation occurs.
On Water Eye:
 ­“Water Eye channels the divine imagination with the incredible potency of her voice and presence.  She is an improvphetical oracle able to weave intricate lyrics, live in the moment, to articulate the energy of the moment.”