Moksha Marquardt

I’m an American artist living in Seattle Washington. I studied commercial art in Seattle in the early 90s. Although I had an introduction to painting at this time, I’m mostly self-taught and have learned by trial and error. Lots of error! Some of my early influences were Brian Froud, Jecek Yerka and Rousseau. Later I found Zdzislaw Beksinski and everything changed.

Undoubtedly growing up in the PNW has had the deepest influence on my work. My subject matter comes almost entirely from nature and there is a noticeable lack of man-made elements in my work. I’m searching for a way to communicate the emotional experience of being in the woods and finding so much life and death slowly dancing together. I’m interested in the consciousness of nature, and our association with it.

My prolific output is primarily traditional but I have also worked in the computer games industry for over 20 years so I’m proficient with digital tools as well. I’ve worked as a designer, art director, 2D and 3D environment artist and writer in the game industry.

In 2017 I joined Praxis Arts, a Seattle artist collective. I serve as a contributing artist there and help plan events and curate shows.

Since 2013 I have been displaying and selling my paintings and drawings in the Seattle area.