Lola Love

Originally born in Tacoma Washington and now a Seattleite for six years I am proud and very excited to have this opportunity to share what I have done until now, really only for myself. Since I can remember I have always been drawing, doodling and letting my imagination run rampant. As a child I watched a lot of movies, mostly cartoons and anime; these art forms have a strong influence in my style and use of color. I love color if you cannot tell by looking at my work. It wasn’t until I was in high school at Clover Park in Lakewood when I finally met an art teacher who not only taught me basic drawing and painting techniques but also nurtured a spark she saw in me. Linda Meo, my high school art teacher gave me the supplies and the room to explore my imagination in her classroom. She even let me take some supplies home. Linda Meo is only one of many kind and beautiful people who have come into my life and fanned the flames of my passion of expression and art.
My other artistic influences are Frida Khalo and Mark Rydon, both very surrealistic artists who use much symbolism in their work. Through art therapy I learned a way to express without symbols and without intended meaning. Even without a plan to make a picture, somehow through therapeutic painting I have made some abstract art that seem to speak to the feelings and the processing of much of my life. All of my work is very personal but I suppose everybody’s work is. May these pictures bring you feelings of all sorts. Thank you for receiving my most naked self.