Jennifer Posada

Jennifer Posada is an Oracle, Teacher, Author, Sound Healer, and the founder of The Oracle School & Community and The Orgasmic Woman Project. It has been her mission, since her earliest years, to share teachings of self-love, as she believes that “The healing of the world will happen with one person loving themselves at a time…” It is also Jennifer’s deepest passion to share the ancient female lineages of ecstasy and revelation with the world, as she remembers these traditions from her past lives as a Sibyl, Oracle, Priestess and Nymph, for all genders. These sacred traditions are unbelievably potent and otherwise nearly or totally lost practices and ways of life that include the arts of bliss, trance, full self-realization, body love and positivity, pleasure as a way of life, and profound prophetic wisdom. You can read more at