Hypnotizing Hippie

This hippie has been hypnotizing people and manipulating props for 4 years. The hypnotizing hippie also known as Tida Siribongkot, teaches and performs all throughout the PNW. Originally from Maryland on the east coast where her love for the flow arts first started she has moved cross country to start and develop her passion into a career. With much more time and space she has devoted herself to spreading the knowledge and joys of the flow arts into her local and online community. Providing local classes, online lessons, hosting local flow jams, and performing for children’s parties. Her goal is to not only inspire everyone of all age groups and sizes to pick up a prop but to also expand the knowledge that the flow arts brings not only to our dancing abilities but also to our life. Enjoy the hypnotic body work by the Hypnotizing Hippie herself. She flows with many props but her favorites are hula hoops and fans, with or without fire.