Eric Nez

During meditation, after yoga and a prolonged headstand, I entered a visionary state where my body’s energy systems were aligned. My right, visual, perceptual thinking brain united with my left, logical, analytical thinking brain to function as a prism which projected these systems of energy out of my body and materialized them into a mandala of color floating above me. Each color has its own tints, tones, shades, and intensities. The color and light corresponded into my primal hungers, emotions, reasoning, love, divine will, and creativity. On the outside these colors slowly melded into each other forming the body. On the inside they separated and increased in brightness, power, until they reached the center where a white starburst illuminated everything. A geometric object rose out of this bright light which I now recognize as the Universal Mind free of my personality, and ego.

Mona Prima – Eric Nez and Water Dropz from Onedoorland on Vimeo.