Blake Drezet

Blake Drezet is a painter, author and theatre artist living on the wild west coast of British Columbia. Like much of his generation, he grew up with a gnawing certainty that something was seriously wrong with the world. Thankfully, he re-discovered that through love, self-acceptance, and creativity it might all, just possibly, be fixed.

Considering himself a well-rounded visionary, Blake dedicated the past two decades to a free exploration of the artistic imperative. His way would wind through the venerable paths of painting, writing, theater, and event production. In 2002 he co-founded Spectral Theatre Society in Vancouver, and in 2012 began the Vale; a Utopian land-project in BC. His projects continue to strive for the proliferation of Peace, Beauty, Freedom, and Respect for all life.

Despite dubious academic records, Blake remains an eager full-time student of Life